Saturday, October 15, 2016

Guide On How to do Jogging

How to do jogging and get the most efficiency, is not something everyone can get a hold of. We will now give you guys a guide on jooging and some information about this kind of training
Guide on how to do Jogging

When should we do jogging?

For beginner, you should only do jooging about twice a week, shouldn’t do it daily. When you are used to doing jogging, you may increase to 3-4 times a week. So, you should only do about 15-20 times  a month. You may apply 3 training method.
  • Do it on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, the remaining is for restoration
  • Do it on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, the remaining is for restoration
  • Do it on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, the remaining is for restoration

Beginners should choose method 1 or 2, the 3rd one should only be applied when you have done it for about 6-12 months. Avoid doing it too late in the evening as it may cause sleeping disorder, or too soon in the morning because when you just wake up your body is not yet ready for working too hard.
Should only do it after meals at least 2 hours and finish before meals at least 30 minutes.

Should run for about 8-10 km in the morning, and take 1 glass of milk or fruit juice before running.
The best running road is in the park, or anywhere with suitable road near your house. If the road is too hard it will be bad for your feets, so you should do it on the grassy road for this sport. Jogging should be in turn with walking. Divide the running road into small passage of 100,200,500 metres. So runner may know his speed.
Normaly in the city or urban area, its difficult to find a good running road so you should use a treadmill, convenient and efficient.
For training outfit, basic requirements are convenient, small, light, not too tight. When you do jogging, the amount of heat you make is huge so if you wear too many clothes you will sweat a lot and may catch a cold. Shouldn’t use belt, tight clothing, etc, as it will make your movements harder, restrict blood circulation. If it’s cold you should wear clothing that is warm but also airy.
For training shoes, it must be fit for your feets, not too tight, have  spongy and thick heel soles. For elder people, sole need to have high elasticity.
Warm up before running is a way to avoid muscle injuries.Warming up include walking and basic warm up movements for muscles that work less when running like back, shoulder, stomach along with the warming up movements for feet like feet’s tips turning, cross legs movements. Do it over 4-6 times.

4 things should be noted when running:
  • Always practise regularly. The first thing you need to do is get over the doubt about the benefit of this sport. You should always believe that this kind of training is good for your health, then make  a training schedule and follow it strictly.
  • Choose the right equipment.
  • Warm up before doing jogging.
  • Choose the right place to practice.                                                             

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