Thursday, December 15, 2016

Top 5 Common Sports in the USA

Sports are loved by almost everyone all around the world. It creates a tie between people from different nationalities and races and brings them altogether. Sports are indeed one of the greatest things that have ever happened to mankind. Besides it being extremely intense, it is also serves as a great form of entertainment for everyone watching it. USA is commonly known for being the top in all forms of sports. What about the audience that is the sport lovers in the US? Which sports do they prefer watching? Let’s take a look at the top 5 common sports in the USA: 

Top 5 Common Sports in the USA

1. Football

Many people in the US get hyped about football. It is also one of the most common sports played in the country. Traditionally known as soccer, competitions are held by the NFL (National Football League). It is extremely popular in the Southern areas of the US which includes mainly Texas, Florida and some Western areas that includes California.

2. Baseball

Baseball is usually known as the national pastime of the United States. It is known to be an extremely common sport in the country. There are two main levels of the competitions that take place for Baseball in the United States – the minor league baseball and the major league baseball. These leagues are enjoyed, not just by Americans, but by people all around the world. 

3. Basketball

After baseball and football, the most closely followed game in the United States in that of basketball. The NBA (National Basketball Association), consists of groups that are made within the United States that play against each other. These games again just like NFL and MLB are watched by people all around the World. However, it is most popular in the Eastern and Northern regions of the United States.

4. Pro-Wrestling

Pro-Wrestling is extremely common in the United States. There are many famous pro wrestlers who settle down for these games to provide an entertaining, fun-filled match day for everyone in the audience. It is a great form of entertainment for everyone.

5. Martial Arts

Finally, comes in the love for martial Arts. In the recent years, martial arts have been chosen as the favourite sport of many youngsters in the United States. Many have developed a liking for the sport as they understand it well as a result of being taught basics of martial arts in schools. 
Thus, sports are much loved by the people of the United States. They closed follow games and matches and have many National Leagues which is followed by people worldwide. Indeed, watching sports feels just as good as playing sports. 

Friday, December 2, 2016

Fitness for Athletes

Athletes are the players who play various kinds of sports and do various activities. Every athlete is unique in their own way. No one athletes can be compared in terms of their attitude to others, as each one is a different individual. However, because they need to be strong and not feel weak, at all times, their job demands proper fitness from them. Fitness helps the athletes to deliver their best performance and thus, is very important for them.
Fitness for Atheletes 
Every day, athletes do more work and use up a lot more energy than an average human and thus, their body requirements greatly vary from ours. They need to eat more but at the same time need to take care of what they eat and what not. Below are a few reasons as to how athletes remain fit:

1. Practice

Initially, starting out with heavy weights and powerlifting may not be the best idea. However, with practice people will learn to adapt their body to the changes and sooner or later they’ll notice the changes within them. But for this to take place practice is extremely important. Without practice, it would be very difficult to achieve a state they aspire to achieve.

2. Consistency 

Consistency is another important and key factor. Every athlete needs to work out almost every day because this is what their job is. To be able to produce good results at all times, they need to keep their body fit and be part of fitness regimes that’ll help to boost their immune system.

3. Fitness for Athletes

Fitness helps the athletes to remain aware of their surroundings. It makes one more alert and their minds sharper. It is not just a way of physical training but mental training as well. It helps them concentrate in their play for a longer time without feeling the need to get unnecessarily distracted. Fitness also helps the athletes to be aware of the various situations they are put under while training. 

4. Reduces Healing or Recovery Time

Being fit also supposedly reduces healing or recovery time. Athletes are prone to injuries as their job is somewhat like that – you can get hurt and you need to be prepared for it. Thus, being fit can help them to come back to the right form and deliver their best while they are back on the field once again. Be it from fatigue or from any other injuries, athletes who are fit take much less time in recovering from it and healing back to normal.
Thus, being fit is really important for all athletes as it is highly or almost direct proportional as to how they play. But besides being fit, athletes also need to watch out for the food they eat. Taking in each nutrient in the right amounts is extremely crucial for them. Being hydrated is another important factor for every athletes, as they tend to sweat it out a lot more than an average human, their body needs to be hydrated at all times.
Therefore, being an athlete’s isn’t all fun and games as it may sound. There is a lot of work that goes into perfecting themselves and showcasing themselves in the best form for their team, or their country.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Guide On How to do Jogging

How to do jogging and get the most efficiency, is not something everyone can get a hold of. We will now give you guys a guide on jooging and some information about this kind of training
Guide on how to do Jogging

When should we do jogging?

For beginner, you should only do jooging about twice a week, shouldn’t do it daily. When you are used to doing jogging, you may increase to 3-4 times a week. So, you should only do about 15-20 times  a month. You may apply 3 training method.
  • Do it on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, the remaining is for restoration
  • Do it on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, the remaining is for restoration
  • Do it on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, the remaining is for restoration

Beginners should choose method 1 or 2, the 3rd one should only be applied when you have done it for about 6-12 months. Avoid doing it too late in the evening as it may cause sleeping disorder, or too soon in the morning because when you just wake up your body is not yet ready for working too hard.
Should only do it after meals at least 2 hours and finish before meals at least 30 minutes.

Should run for about 8-10 km in the morning, and take 1 glass of milk or fruit juice before running.
The best running road is in the park, or anywhere with suitable road near your house. If the road is too hard it will be bad for your feets, so you should do it on the grassy road for this sport. Jogging should be in turn with walking. Divide the running road into small passage of 100,200,500 metres. So runner may know his speed.
Normaly in the city or urban area, its difficult to find a good running road so you should use a treadmill, convenient and efficient.
For training outfit, basic requirements are convenient, small, light, not too tight. When you do jogging, the amount of heat you make is huge so if you wear too many clothes you will sweat a lot and may catch a cold. Shouldn’t use belt, tight clothing, etc, as it will make your movements harder, restrict blood circulation. If it’s cold you should wear clothing that is warm but also airy.
For training shoes, it must be fit for your feets, not too tight, have  spongy and thick heel soles. For elder people, sole need to have high elasticity.
Warm up before running is a way to avoid muscle injuries.Warming up include walking and basic warm up movements for muscles that work less when running like back, shoulder, stomach along with the warming up movements for feet like feet’s tips turning, cross legs movements. Do it over 4-6 times.

4 things should be noted when running:
  • Always practise regularly. The first thing you need to do is get over the doubt about the benefit of this sport. You should always believe that this kind of training is good for your health, then make  a training schedule and follow it strictly.
  • Choose the right equipment.
  • Warm up before doing jogging.
  • Choose the right place to practice.